ControlX Mox CAN LT Control4 Lighting Driver - Single Site License (OS3+)

RRP inc GST: $495.00

CAN LT is a BUS Based Smart Lighting system designed by MOX Automation for residential and commercial premises. It supports a wide variety of automation modules including:

  • Dimmer Modules
  • Motion Sensors
  • Curtain Modules
  • Wall Plates with buttons (Complates)
  • Relay Modules  

More Information on MOX can be found here: http://www.mox.com.au/lt/

  • IP Driver support via MOX CAN LT Ethernet Gateway (Gen 1 is supported, however Gen 2 is recommended for best performance).
  • Lighting v2 On/Off and Dimmer support with Advanced Lighting / Scenes
  • Virtual Relay Support to enable Complates and other BUS-Connected devices to trigger actions in Control4
  • Motion sensor support
  • Control4 CAN Status/Level Sniffing support to help identify circuit addresses when documentation is unavailable
  • This driver has been tested for OS3 systems only. OS2 Systems are not supported and not recommended.
  • MOX CAN LT Ethernet Gateway. We strongly recommend the newer Gen 2 model (or later) with the latest firmware (V1.00.05r19 or later)
  • The MOX Network requires IRIS Editor to configure, and for the C4 Primary Controller to be added to the routing table.
  • The Control4 Primary Controller must have a static IP

To test the Driver please contact Jay Vee Technologies