Acurus ASPEQT Tuning hardware kit

Vendor Code: ASPEQT


automatic speaker parameter and equalization tool

Acurus ASPEQT Tuning hardware kit for installers consisting of four measurement microphones, Mic Stands, Cables and  a small Networked Microphone Pre-Amp and processing unit that is web-controlled

digital room correction made effortless  

Acurus ASPEQT is a revolutionary new proprietary system designed to make the process of tuning high-performance audio systems surprisingly straightforward and less time consuming than ever before. ASPEQT is a real-time multiple measurement tool which provides super-fast data acquisition and execution.

ASPEQT consists of a portable kit containing:
• Easy-to-use acoustic signal acquisition and processing system hardware with autonomous setup.
• Four studio-quality, omnidirectional measurement microphones with digital output and individual calibration curves.
• Four durable microphone boom stands for precise microphone placement.
• Wireless connectivity with ethernet back-up option.
• Intuitive GUI for controlling the process and analysis.
• Carrying case for all gear plus associated cables.