Automation Code Database

When programming home Automation or universal remote control gear, you may use the following database of common IR / Pronto / HEX, TCP / IP / UDP and Serial RS232C Control commands for assistance. Keep in mind that some products may not have Discrete On/Off commands available. In some cases however, a slightly-less-reliable On/off command can be emulated with Macro's if a discrete on (often the play command) is at least available.

Use of the following codes are at your own risk. Jay Vee Technologies takes no responsibility for any losses or damages caused by these commands (which includes surges caused by using power toggle commands in large circuits, codes which do not work consistently, codes which brick devices or home automation commands which bypass hardware interlocks for blind/fan controllers). This page is offered as a free service, and Jay Vee Technologies is not obliged to provide free technical assistance for implementation / interpretation of these code-sets.

To request code removal / addition of new codes to this list, please contact Jay Vee Technologies.