ControlX Environexus Nero Control4 Lighting Driver - Single Site License (OS3+)

RRP inc GST: $495.00

Environexus is a Z-Wave based lighting system which is targeted at Retrofit applications. The Nero platform is the updated version of Nexus. We support the following Modules:

  • Nero Gateway’s or Nexus Gateway’s with firmware upgrade to Nero Platform.
  • Dimmer Modules
  • Relay / On-Off
  • Curtain Modules

More Information on Environexus can be found on: https://environexus.com/

  • IP Driver support via Nero gateway / Nexus Gateway (with Nero Firmware).
  • V2 Advanced Lighting support with Scenes
  • Control4 Status/Level Sniffing support to help identify circuit addresses when documentation is unavailable
  • Efficient queuing system to avoid sending duplicate commands (especially useful on systems with poor communication)
  • Optional Real Level feedback, or the ability to follow the target brightness instead on Controller
  • Programming support
  • Command throttling, to prevent overloading gateway
  • This driver has been tested for OS3 systems only. OS2 Systems are not supported and not recommended.
  • Nero gateway / Nexus Gateway (with Nero Firmware). Gateway should be local to controller.
  • Gateway should have static IP
  • Environexus system must be configured externally of driver

To test the Driver please contact Jay Vee Technologies