Acurus ACT 4-20 Pre-amp/Processor

JVT Code: ACU-ACT-4-20
Vendor Code: ACT-4-20


20-channel immersive audio pre-amp processor

Acurus ACT 4-20 Ethernet/RS232 controllable, Dolby Atmos® and DTS:X™ 15.1 Pre-amp/Processor with Touch Screen,  XLR I/O, HDMI 2.0b, 4K, para. EQ, downmix, phono in, ASPEQT and HDMI 2.1 ready.  Tetra cable included. Please specify on purchase order Tetra XLR or Tetra RCA cable

the center of your entertainment world  

The ACT 4 represents a revolution in 3D-audio home cinema processors. Designed to be the heart of a modern UHD home theater, the ACT 4 combines ultimate audio performance, control flexibility, and the absolute latest immersive sound technologies. With 20 channels of immersive audio the ACT 4 meshes the celebrated engineering of Acurus with the power of advanced cinema technology--all in perfect harmony.

The ACT 4 also sets a new standard for ease of installation and use. An intuitive, full-color, touch-sensitive front panel display simplifies setup and operation. Controllable via 3rd-party systems, the ACT 4 also offers web setup and control which enables operation of an ACT 4 theater from anywhere within the home via mobile device. The ACT 4 has both balanced and unbalanced outputs which allow for flexibility in any application.

The ACT 4 supports Acurus' own room correction technology, ASPEQT, a four-microphone acoustic optimization system which is incredibly simple to use, yet powerful enough for the most challenging cinema environments. An ACT 4 cinema tuned by ASPEQT defines the pinnacle in home entertainment.

An ACT 4 processor features 15 main outputs and 1 subwoofer output for native decoding and rendering of immersive audio streams with 4 additional subwoofer outputs for larger speaker layouts such as 9.5.6 or 9.7.4.

ACT 4 immersive audio processor benefits:
• Support for fully decoding and upmixing to the largest speaker layouts.
• Simplified setup via front panel or mobile device saves installation and setup time.
• Intelligent Auto Mode optimally fills all loudspeakers for any source format.
• Extensive layout support for handling a wide variety of listening situations.
• Proprietary system architecture delivers state-of-the-art immersive technology with an absolute devotion to sound purity and expression.
ACT 4 highlights:
• HDMI 2.0b (2.1 ready)
• natively decodes Dolby Atmos and DTS:X
• mobile control app
• 3rd party control drivers: Control4, Crestron, Elan, Josh.ai, RTI, Savant, URC
• fully upgradeable
• made in the USA
• 5-year warranty