Dune HD Base 3D

Dune HD Base 3D

- Brand: HDI Dune
- Product Code:DUN-BASE3D
RRP Inc: $399.00


Dune HD Base 3D is the most affordable universal solution for Full HD video and audio playback as well as IPTV and VOD streams via the new Dune HD Portal. Supporting most all digital audio and video formats, codecs and file containers, including all modern 3D video standards such as MVC, SBS and Top/Bottom, audiophile uncompressed HD audio with high resolutions up to 24 bit /192 kHz, the Dune HD Base 3D sets an entirely new standard. Like previous models in the Dune HD Base range, the all new Base 3D is equipped with an internal 3.5” SATA HDD bay with hot swap function.



Dune HD Firmware

The following Dune HD firmware files are provided as a mirror for the official Dune Firmware website. Dune Firmware updates may also be downloaded directly from the official Dune HD Firmware Zone


Latest Stable Firmware. (110606_1315)

Dune HD Max 
Dune HD Smart D1 
Dune HD Smart B1 
Dune HD Smart H1 
Dune HD Lite 53D


Old Beta Firmware. (110511_2007_beta)

Dune HD Max 
Dune HD Smart D1 
Dune HD Smart B1 
Dune HD Smart H1 
Dune HD Lite 53D 


Old Stable Firmware (110225_1222)

Dune HD Max 
Dune HD Smart D1 
Dune HD Smart B1 
Dune HD Smart H1

Which wireless adapters are supported:

The recommended adapter for the Dune HD series of Media Players is the official HDI Dune Air USB Wifi adapter, which supports the latest wireless standards. However, the following adapters are also known to work:

  • D-Link DWA-140 (Rev B1 only).

Alternatively, most ethernet-to-wireless bridges (such as the Netgear WNCE2001 Universal Wifi Internet Adapter) will also work. However, you may need to perform initial configuration of the adapter using a desktop computer, instead of the webbrowser included with the Dune Player.

Is it possible to control a Dune HD remotely using a network connection?

All Dune 3.0 players and later (Sigma 864x/865x based media players) with firmware 110127_2105 Beta or newer can be controlled over network with various 3rd party applications available for a plethora of devices. Control possibilities range from basic remote control functions to integration with home automation systems.

Documentation for developers is available directly from HD Dune's Website, for those who are interested in designing their own applications.

Why does my Dune player intermittantly display a black screen instead of the menu, and display "black" on the players LCD display?

The Dune HD's are designed to facilitate a large variety of applications including commercial uses where it is preferable to hide the Dune's interface from the public when using IP control (such as in pubs or digital signboards). The black screen also helps minimise power usage. You can temporarily control the unit when it shows a black screen by using a remote control application/device, by pressing the play button on the player, or Enter on the remote control

There are two main reasons why this problem occurs:

  1. If the problem only happens after controlling the Dune with a remote device/software, the remote device/software may require a software update or assistance from the manufacturer to correct the problem. It may also be caused by a configurable option in the remote control software.
  2. A power management option may have been modified from the default setting, to assist with power saving. To check the setting, browse to Setup=>Miscellaneous=>Power Management. Ensure that "Power On" is set to "main menu".



Which harddrives are recommended?

To minimise the possibility of harddisk failure, HDI strongly recommends the use of eco-friendly drives (or any drive which minimises heat) for internal operation. An example of such a drive is the Western Digital Caviar Green.

When connecting external drives, the use of eSata instead of USB is preferred. Almost all external drives function correctly. If you find that an external drive which is powered by USB does not operate correctly, you may wish to try connecting an external power source to the drive.





Why doesn't my Dune HD show cover art for my movies as is shown on the Dune HD packaging? How do I add cover art?

At this time, a 3rd party utility such as Zappiti (freeware, recommended) or Movienizer (commercial software) is required to add cover art to your media collection.

tutorial has been written by Jay Vee Technologies support if you require assistance.





Which drive formats are supported by Dune HD?

Dune 3.0 players and later support the following drive formats:



  • FAT16/FAT32/MSDOS - Read/Write
  • EXT2/EXT3 (Linux) - Read/Write
  • NTFS - Supported by Dune 3.0 (or later) players. Prime 3.0 and Base 3.0 players require firmware version 100706_1032_beta or later to write to NTFS volumes.



How do I watch and record TV using my Dune HD? Which USB Digital TV (DVB-T) dongles are supported?

To watch or record Digital TV using your Dune HD, you will require a TV Tuner. At this time, the official HDI Dune DVB-T USB tuner is the only TV Tuner known to operate correctly with the Dune HD. Only Dune HD 3.0 and later players support Digital TV. Digital TV requires firmware dated at least 2010-06-30.

  Dune HD Lite 53D Dune HD Smart D1 Dune HD Smart H1 Dune HD Smart B1 Dune HD Max
Media Processor Sigma Designs 8653 Sigma Designs 8642/8643 Sigma Designs 8642
RAM 256MB 512MB
Flash Memory 128 MB, expandable with a HDD partition, USB flash drive, or SD card 256 MB, expandable with a HDD partition, USB flash drive, or SD card
Video Outputs HDMI 1.3
Component Video
Composite Video
HDMI 1.3
Component Video
Composite Video
Audio Outputs HDMI 1.3
RCA Stereo Connectors
HDMI 1.3
RCA Stereo Connectors
Coaxial Digital Audio
Multichannel (7.1) analog audio output
USB Ports 2x USB 2.0 Ports 3x USB 2.0 Ports 3x USB 2.0 Ports
Networking Capabilities Inbuilt 10/100 Mbit Ethernet
Optional Internal 802.11n Wifi.
Optional USB WiFi available
Inbuilt 10/100 Mbit Ethernet
Optional USB 802.11n Wifi
Digital TV Support Optional USB Dongle available
Internal HDD Storage connectivity 1x 2.5" SATA HDD 1x 3.5" SATA HDD None 1x 3.5" SATA HDD
External Harddisk Support USB eSata/USB/Smart HE Extension Module USB
SD Card Support Yes
Optical Drive Support Optional USB Optical Drive Optional (Smart BE Extension Module) Inbuilt Blu-Ray Drive
Storage Formats Supported FAT16/FAT32 (read-write), EXT2/EXT3 (read-write), NTFS (read-write)
3D Support Yes. Supports RealD.
Network protocols supported NFS, SMB (Windows File Sharing), UPnP, HTTP, multicast UDP/RTP
Broad support of Video/Audio Codecs Yes

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Dune HD Base 3D
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