Supra 2.5 Classic Speaker Cable - 200M

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The Classic Series
The SUPRA Classic series comprises highly flexible cables containing tin plated multi-stranded OFC copper of purity degree 5N, which means >99.999% pure, i.e. purer than five nines. The insulation is a special ion stable PVC which minimises corrosion of the sonically benign tin surface. The tin contributes to a better sound quality by minimising the skin-effect and making less current jumps between the wire surfaces.
This series covers all Hi-Fi applications from low power speakers, such as rear speakers of home theatre systems, to high power systems with long cable lengths.

Classic 2.5

2x2.5 mm²

Application examples: Medium power systems, or shorter lengths in high power systems. Available in both Ice Blue and Anthracite Grey.

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Product Code SUP-1000000081
Manufacturer Product Code N/A
Length 100m - 500m
Manufacturer Supra Cables
Command Sets N/A