Supra DAC Digital/Analogue Interconnect 110Ohm Blue cable - 50M

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DAC Digital/Analogue Interconnect 110Ohm
Application examples: Digital audio with XLR-interface 110 Ohm AES/EBU, or as a common analogue interconnect with RCA or XLR plugs.
Available in both Ice Blue and Anthracite Grey.

AES/EBU Harmonised, 110 Ohm.
A ’fast’ interconnect of extremely low capacitance. In accordance with our design concepts, the inductance is to be low for a loudspaker cable whereas for an interconnect the capacitance is to be low. SUPRA DAC is insulated with PE foam skin which exhibits only 45 pF/m. It is screened with our very efficient and strong semi-conductive nylon ribbon. SUPRA DAC is also designed for digital audio and is harmonised with the AES/EBU standard. (Square wave of 60 MHz, impedance 110 Ohms, balanced.)
The very high-frequency properties of Supra DAC are outstandingly good, owing to its high-velocity factor.

The velocity factor of Supra DAC is as high as 78% of the speed of light, owing to the low dielectricity of the gas blown foam skin insulation. With PTFE/Teflon it would have been only 71%.
The velocity factor can be calculated with the simplified formula:

v=sqrt(1/K) - where K is the dielectricity factor of the insulation material.

More clean transients and thus improved space dimension comes with the high velocity.

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Product Code SUP-1001800448-1
Manufacturer Product Code N/A
Length 50m
Manufacturer Supra Cables
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